717 Experience programs are designed to:

  • Teach kids to respect themselves and others.
  • Promote community service and stewardship.
  • Build self-esteem while creating a sense of community.
  • Offer activities that are exciting, entertaining and educational.
  • Create an environment where girls can talk freely and be themselves.
  • Offer weekly activities that build leadership while lending a listening ear.
  • Build character and confidence under the guidance of caring adult mentors.

717 Teenius Program™

Effective communication skills are an asset for people of all ages. These skills, however, must be learned and take time to develop. Through unique, safe and fun learning activities, our Teenius™ Program leverages personal gifts and talents to help participants build verbal and non-verbal communication skills that will benefit them through adulthood. The holistic curriculum incorporates math, writing, language arts, reading comprehension, culture and speech – teaching young people how and when to express themselves and share their ideas and concerns.

Urban Canvas (UC)™

Urban Canvas (UC) provides every 717 participant with the opportunity to give back to the beautification of their communities through clean city campaigns. Participants will not only gain a self-fulfilling experience of pride in cleaning up communities but will make friends and display their artistic side through City Mural work. UC will be working with city leaders to replace unwanted graffiti with public art.

Dollars and Sense

Financial literacy is as essential to personal development as reading and writing. How much to earn, save, spend, or invest are questions that young people will face at some in their lives.

Through creative activities such as games, projects, and interactive workshops, Dollars and Sense helps adolescents build skills to increase their understanding of topics such as budgeting, opening bank accounts, investing, entrepreneurship, and understanding the difference between wants and needs.

For older teens, the program will go deeper to develop knowledge of – and appreciation for – economic and financial topics covered by previous components. Additional skills and topics include loan options, investment risk vs. return, consumer information, credit card use, economic equality, and work-life balance.

Prodigy Sculptors™

Although research has shown that young people benefit from close, caring relationships with adults who serve as positive role models, millions of youth continue to lack supportive, sustained relationships with caring adults.

717’s Prodigy SculptorsTM program operates in partnership with local schools, business leaders and volunteer mentors to provide the support, guidance and exposure to opportunities that youth need. The program works with participants to nurture confidence, connections and positive views of their own skills and abilities for long-lasting impact.

Outside-the-Box Collection™

While women and girls are not traditionally perceived as leaders, both have been at the forefront of social, political and economic change for centuries. 717 is committed to changing that perception. Our Outside-the-Box Collection™ is a school-based mentoring and leadership develop program that provides girls with character building skills based on age and grade.

The 717 Experience considers itself a partner with the schools in our communities. Outside-the-Box is a bridge program aimed at providing curriculum and activities in “Collective” sessions, giving every participant the opportunity to share and absorb as they build confidence to lead.

Our Collections focus on six primary areas including:  self-image, character/leadership, health/wellness, finance/stewardship, healthy relationships and spiritual enrichment.   It is critical that girls take this journey of discovery with women in their communities while participating in meaningful opportunities to effect lasting change through community action, providing convincing evidence to themselves and to others of their individual and collective power.  Meeting weekly, our participants not only build life-long relationships but long-term results.