Our Mission.

717s’ goal is to improve the academic achievement, self-esteem, social and cultural competency within every 717 participant. Additionally, 717 will:

  • Teach kids to respect themselves and others.
  • Promote community service and stewardship.
  • Build self-esteem while creating a sense of sisterhood.
  • Offer activities that are exciting, entertaining and educational.
  • Create an environment where girls can talk freely and be themselves.
  • Offer weekly activities that build leadership while lending a listening ear.
  • Build character and confidence under the guidance of caring adult mentors.

717 Experience, Inc.’s mission is to motivate, empower and encourage young people ages 7-17 through mentoring and leadership programs.

Through exposure to positive experiences, the 717 will challenge kids to be positive decision makers and help facilitate the process that will take them from Minors 2 Moguls™.–